Functionality meets Scandinavian design

Design by JI Christoffersen

The Salt Penguin is a registered Danish quality salt grinder.

Made from walnut, ash and maple and fitted with a Danish-patented Hulstrom Salt Grinder.

The design piece was first produced by J.I. Christoffersen in mid-2006. Functionality, the irreplaceable qualities of salt, the freezing oceans, and Tonn–P’s Pepper Bird were the elements that inspired J.I. Christoffersen to create the Salt Penguin.

Place on the shelf to admire, or use everyday in the kitchen or for special dinner party occasions.

Interior design lovers and appreciators of fine craftsmanship adore the Salt Penguin.

Designer Wooden Salt & Pepper Grinders and Kitchenware Spring Copenhagen Homewares and kitchenware by Spring Copenhagen of Denmarkpenguin salt and pepper grinder made in denmarkDanish Salt and Pepper Mill Grinder




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Jens Ivan Christoffersen (1928-2013) was educated as an engineer and carpenter, and created various designs under the name J.I. Christoffersen.  Jens lived an exciting life, and was extremely productive. He had a passion for aviation and constructed a glider from World War II on his own. It was the cold Arctic Ocean that inspired J. I. Christoffersen to create the Salt Penguin.