Kokeshi Doll collection gains some Scandi flavour | for Lucie Kaas Guard Kokeshi DollHand-painted Guardsman is marching into the kokeshi universe this month.  Guard is the newest addition to the kokeshi range from for Lucie Kaas Collection.

So far, the collection consists of 23 inspiring and cultural characters. The new doll is a modern interpretation of the traditional Danish guard, which is loved by children and adults from all over the world.

Becky Kemp is the artist behind, a whimsical world inspired by geometric expression, Japanese illustration and Nordic aesthetics. Becky does character design and pattern exploration that takes creativity to a new level. Some designs are born from Becky’s own fantasy, while others are caricatured icons from the art, music, design and historical world as a celebration of influential cultural personalities.

The introduction of Guard adds another cultural personality to the collection. His uniform has sharp lines in the two Danish national colors: red and white. Guard is perfect as a traditional decorative figurine for the contemporary home and also ideal as a gift for both children and adults.  xx