Don’t miss out on DOT!


Joining her colleagues Vincent, Frida, Piet and Andy, DOT is the newest member of the artistic for Lucie Kaas Kokeshi dolls.

Becky Kemp is the artist behind, a whimsical world inspired by geometric expression, Japanese illustration and Nordic aesthetics. Becky does character design and pattern exploration that takes creativity to a new level. Some designs are born from Becky’s own fantasy, while others are caricatured icons from the art, design and historical world as a celebration of influential cultural personalities.

The art scene is one of Becky’s greatest sources of inspiration interpreting several of the most influential artists through the characters of Frida, Piet, Salavador, Andy and Vincent.

The introduction of DOT adds another artist-inspired Kokeshi to the collection. Her bright design and colorful outfit makes her a strong character fitting well with her other creative colleagues.

DOT is hand-painted and made from schima superba wood.

How cute is she?!