In celebration of Halloween Lucie Kaas is launching two new Kokeshi dolls as part of the for Lucie Kaas collection. Give a scary welcome to Pumpkin and Skeleton!

The artist behind, Becky Kemp, became world famous for her Kokeshi dolls – traditional Japanese figures interpreted as small designer objects in different themes and characters.

In 2015, Lucie Kaas started collaborating with Becky introducing the for Lucie Kaas collection that includes her popular dolls. Since then, more dolls have been added to the collection.

Pumpkin and Skeleton are two quirky characters with scary yet humouristic elements perfectly capturing the right Halloween vibe and at the same time demonstrating Becky’s uncanny talent for creative character design.  The two figures make the perfect unique Halloween gift and decoration opportunity for all design lovers.

Pumpkin and Skeleton are available from October 2016.

Enjoy xx Kokeshi Dolls for Halloween Halloween Kokeshi Dolls by for Lucie Kaas for Lucie Kaas Kokeshi Dolls Halloween