Interior Motives Aus is the brand by the very talented Amanda from Tasmania.

Amanda has a love for interior styling which is reflected beautifully on her online store and via @interiormotivesaus on Instagram.Lucie Kaas wooden designer baby bear Lucie Kaas wooden designer baby bear











Today we chat to Amanda about how her business started and when the love to create starting for her.

Q 1-

How did Interior Motives Aus start? And why do you love it so much?

It started when my children were babies and I was a Stay at home mum. I’ve always been creative and wanted to make something for my girls bedrooms – So I came up with the Tas Oak Magnetic Poster Hangers. Since then the business has grown to include many other homewares like our Leather Shelves and handles.

Q 2-

What inspires you when you start to make a new product?

I always think about what I would like to use in my own home. When it’s something you love yourself it’s easy for the inspiration to flow.

Q 3-

What would be your top tips for others styling a room that wish to achieve your “look”?

Pick some key pieces of furniture or decor that are your stand out scandi items then accessorize with timber and white, and black accents. Plus some plants….. can’t forget the greenery!
Q 4-

How big a role does social media (in particular Instagram) play in your business? Do you have any tips for Instagram lovers?

Instagram is our main source of advertising and crucial to the development of Interior Motives Aus. Up to date, well styled, clear photos are a must for any instagram lover. But social media provides so much more to business owners than just being able to post pretty photo’s. Engaging in posts, commenting and providing information on upcoming promotions all help to build relationships with your customers and plays a big role in building a network and followers. We’ve grown Interior Motives Aus from 1 follower to 70K and love chatting with our customers, fellow IG business owners and stockists.

What does the future look like for Interior Motives Aus?

Recently my Husband Evan came on board full time to help run the business and be the muscle behind all the cutting, sanding and building so I can focus on other areas in the business. We hope to expand with more stockists as we release more products and look to collaborate with others on exciting projects.


Amanda’s styling is adored by many online and her eye for detail beautiful.  Here are some gorgeous childrens and adult interior spaces Amanda has created that we love –

Lucie Kaas wooden designer baby elephant Lucie Kaas wooden designer baby bear Lucie Kaas wooden designer baby bear

Images by Interior Motives Aus