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Home decor online and wholesale australiaEvery once in awhile, you meet a retailer that is doing extraordinary things! One such retailer is Dong-Maria from BabyDonkie who is busy bring us a mix of boutique and handmade labels from around the globe.  Today we chat to Dong-Maria about what keeps her going in this competitive industry.

When was BabyDonkie launched? And when did you start dreaming about having your own creative outlet?

BabyDonkie was launched in October 2012. I had been dreaming of starting my own business for awhile since my first son was born in 2009. I started out selling a few items on ebay and that was going well but I knew that I wanted to take it to the next level and have my own website. When I was on maternity leave with my second son for 6 months, I spent that time developing my logo and website (with a graphic designer and web developer), setting up my social media and sourcing products. I launched the website the week before I went back to work!

How would you describe your personal interiors style and has it changed since becoming a parent?H

My personal interiors style is mid century modern mixed with contemporary finds. Our house (which we have renovated twice) was originally influenced by Harry Seidler and with our renovations we have maintained that architectural style. I love colour! We have a large red/yellow/teal rug in our living and over that Kartell lights in red, green and blue! We value quality handmade products and have some beautiful pieces from Green Cathedral including a black dining table. We paired these with vintage moller chairs.

My style has changed since I’ve gotten older and more confident in my design choices and also having the means to invest in quality pieces. Being a parent means that the white couch is no longer so white, there’s always a pile of homework and kids books on the dining table and toys just about in every room of the house!

We all juggle work and family to the best of our ability. How do you cope with 4 children and the added responsibility of being the driving force behind BabyDonkie?Home decor online and wholesale australia

I have a very supportive family! My husband is very hands on with the kids and he loves to cook. We’ve also recently hired a cleaner and I do the grocery shopping online. I do a lot of work at night when the kids are in bed from packing orders to responding to emails.


Home decor online and wholesale australia

When sourcing new products, what do you look for? Is it instinct? Or do you follow a proven method?

Instinct! A lot of what I do at BabyDonkie is instinct as I’ve never had formal training or experience in retail or marketing. I do make sure that that the products I’m sourcing fit with the brand I’ve created for BabyDonkie and they fall within a price point that my customers will like. I also love supporting Australian designed brands.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Still running around after my kids! I would love for BabyDonkie to be a small bricks and mortar store one day.


We agree that Dong-Maria has tons of spot on “instinct” when it comes to her choice of quality and unique clothing and decor for the little ones.  We wish her well in achieving her goal of owing a bricks and mortar store one day.

Here are a few more pics of the pieces from our Lucie Kaas Collection you can find online at BabyDonkie.

Home decor online and wholesale australiaHome decor online and wholesale australiaHome decor online and wholesale australiaHome decor online and wholesale australiaH

(All images provided by BabyDonkie in collaboration with Concrete & Honey)