If you are a frequent reader of the top lifestyle magazines in Australia, then chances are you have come across some of the amazing interior styling work of Aimee Jones. Vogue Living, Donna Hay, Home Beautiful and Gourmet Traveller just to name a few publications that Aimee
has worked with.

Today we chat to Aimee to find out when her love of styling emerged and what keeps her motivated each and every week.

Q Aimee, browsing your webpages and reading the magazines you have contributed to, it’s obvious you have an eye for detail. Did you always know you would be a stylist? How did you break into the industry?

A Thank you! I am very much all about the detail in my work.  I studied Fashion and Textile Design and always had an interest in magazines. My final year project wasn’t a fashion range like my peers but a Textile magazine I printed onto fabric.  I went on to assist fashion and interior stylists to learn on the job, how photo shoots and magazines work. Some of this work was unpaid, you really have to be passionate, helpful and enthusiastic. Watch and learn and you will find opportunities come your way, as the industry is tight knit and notoriously hard to break into.  I was then recommended to the Editor of Australian Interiors Magazine and accepted a role there as a Market Editor & Junior stylist. I spent 2 years there working very hard learning a great deal and decided to take a leap and go freelance as an interiors stylist.  I contacted every editor around and showed them my work, perseverance and creativity paid off and for the last 14 years I have worked with all the leading magazines – Vogue Living , Vogue entertaining, Donna Hay , Gourmet Traveller, Country Style, Home Beautiful and have styled cookbooks for Murdoch Books and other publishers. I also work with clients such as restaurants, bars and homewares companies creating beautiful images for their social media, websites and catalogues.

Q Lifestyle magazines seem so competitive and are always on the lookout for new things. What keeps you motivated to find unique objects and to create new settings?

A I am always out and about looking in stores here in Sydney and online to keep abreast of what is going on around the country.  Blogs and instagram are also a good way of discovering new and exciting brands or craftspeople as are Trade shows. I also love design, art and food books particularily publishers from overseas produce inspiring books. It is inspiring hunting for beautiful things for a shoot sometimes you find beauty in unexpected places Bunnings for example!.  I am very fortunate to work with really creative magazines like Gourmet Traveller, so when I get a brief describing a shoot I am inspired by their colour palette and direction. As I prep it is always a work in progress in my head until the actual shoot when it comes together, sometimes as I imagined or in another direction! it is good, I have learnt, to be fluid with your concepts working closely with the photographer and client or art director.

Q Some of our favourite images of yours involve food and table tops. Are you a “foodie”? What do you love about styling settings involving food and drink?

A I do love food and cooking . It is a real luxury being on shoots with talented food editors and chefs for magazines like Gourmet Traveller their food is amazing. I love that it is a team effort and really enjoyable day with a photographer, food editor and props stylist to put together a beautiful food shoot. My propping has to complement the star of the show which is the food. Often in these cases simple is best, the colour and texture in food alone is really beautiful.

Q What would be your top tips for readers when styling for a dinner party? Who is your ultimate dinner guest?

A Dinner parties should really be about good food and good company. Don’t ‘over style’ a table for example matching your table linen, plates and glasses can be a bit too formal to me. Gather your favourite things – old and new, if they are mismatched plates so be it, granny’s old china mixed with white ikea pieces looks great!  Beautiful washed linen napkins then tie each place setting together – I am obsessed with their Blush colour a soft shell pink.  Always have plenty of beautiful flowers (I love sticking to a single colour way so different white flowers for example) or just fresh produce like big piles of tumbling peaches on a board for example.  My ultimate dinner party guest is my husband Jon! we have 3 young kids so a proper dinner together is rare.

Great answers Aimee, thank you.  And we especially love that your favourite dinner guest is hubby!

There are so many spaces that Aimee has styled that we love, here are a few –

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Image Credits: Gourmet Traveller Photographer John Paul Urizar,food Nick Banbury. Country Style Photographer Amanda Mclauchlan.  Gourmet Traveller Photographer Ben Hansen. Gourmet Traveller Photographer Will Horner. Gourmet Traveller Photographer Will Horner.

If you would like to see more of Aimee’s glorious work, head over to www.aimeejones.com.au