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Here at Urbaani we are always on the lookout for talented people to recommend and to work with.  So when we came across Nicola from Concrete & Honey we knew we had to share her amazing talent with you!

Nicola loves to create beautiful styling and images in her signature bright and whimsical manner.  She has such a knack for turning products into beautiful stories that showcase character and beauty of the objects she is styling. And boy do her images pop off the page (see below!).

Today we chat to Nicola to find out how she became a maker of images and why she loves it so much.

So Nicola,

1          Did you always know you would be a stylist? What made you take a leap of faith into the industry?

No! My teenage obsession with magazines evolved from a love of models and fashion, to food, to travel & then interiors. Meanwhile I studied Economics, then nursing while working for a lawyer. I then studied journalism, floristry and design while working for an investment bank! It’s only after many years working in the finance industry and a few years of travel that (at a ripe old age) I discovered my dream job was Interior Stylist – but I wasn’t about to start at the bottom in magazines so I kept working in a bank at the very top levels, got married and had a baby. It was during my maternity leave the opportunity arose to take some images in exchange for a beautiful doll for my baby that saw me serendipitously land in the beautiful world of styling.

2          As described by yourself, you’ve had a colourful path to this point with a varied amount of experience in diverse fields.  What advice do you have for people wanting to follow their style dream?   

It’s a whole new world with Instagram. You have direct access to stylists, business owners and admirers of your images. Curate a beautiful Instagram feed (your portfolio) and people will come knocking to collaborate.

3          Some of our favourite images of yours involve natural fibres and timbers, blush colours and pure lines.  What tips do you have for people who wish to create an interiors space incorporating these elements?

I go with what ‘feels’ right when I see it. I think the most valuable thing we all have is a unique point of view, be true to your ‘eye’ and aspire to create and share originality. My advice would be to follow your own style and only have things you love around you. Don’t feel you need to buy a whole suite of things to get the look you’re after, rearrange the things you already have to see them in a new way.

4          Do you have a (interior or otherwise) design icon you admire? Do you follow trends in interiors? Do you have a prediction for the next “big thing” in interiors?

Carolyn Quartermaine is my absolute design hero and I love everything Paulina Arcklin does. I try not to follow trends too closely, but when they’re delicious it’s hard not. Who doesn’t love the all white, clean Scandi look? I think next up we’ll be seeking more depth and move away from the white, grey and a touch of blush. I think mustard will be big and it looks amazing with peach and black.

 5          What does the future hold for Concrete and Honey?

I’d love to know the answer to that too! I just had my second baby so am on maternity leave again. I’d love not to have to go back to working full time in a bank! I’d love to do more room designs and trade show styling in addition to my styling and photography services.

There are so many images that Nicola has created for other Brands (and we love them all!).  Above is a sample of but a few we admire –

Thank you Nicola .. what a pleasure to speak with you. Kyllie xx

All images created and supplied by Concrete & Honey, with special thanks.