1. Safety first
Our little people are precious, so number one priority has to be safety. Place the cot in a spot away from blind cords and ensure that nothing can fall into bubba’s sleeping spot. Check SIDS recommendations with regards to blankets and cushions, so when your little one sleeps, you can rest assured he or she is safe.

2. Pick a colour scheme
There are many amazing items available for decorating a little person’s first room. In order to ensure everything ties in together, make sure you pick two or three colours and stick to those. Popular combinations at the moment are mint/black/gold, blush/white/gold or monochrome black/white, but there are 100s of other options as well. Tip: Make sure you mention your colours to family and friends so that they can get you matching items for your baby shower and baby gifts which will fit in perfectly.

Lucie Kaas Baby Elephant Wooden Animal
3. Choose some timeless items
Over time, as your little one grows up, the room will change. You will update some pictures and add some more books and different toys to adjust to changing taste. Make sure you pick some timeless toys when you first decorate your nursery that can grow with your little person. We love the gorgeous Lucie Kaas wooden animal selection as friends for life. They look gorgeous on a shelf in a newborn’s room, are super popular toys when your little one is older and the timeless design means they are still trendy when they sit on your teenager’s shelf as a reminder of earlier times.

4. Less is more
There are so many items to choose from and it is easy to go overboard. Remember that you will get loads of gifts and that a baby’s room is meant to be a calm and relaxing space for sleep time, so add high quality items over time and do not feel pressured to get too much. A comfortable bed, snuggly warm blankets, a comfortable chair for feeding times and a couple of shelves with meaningful toys and two or three beautiful sayings are a fantastic starting point.

5. Have fun!
Remember to enjoy and have fun while creating a special place for the new member of your family.