HOME DECOR DELIGHTS! with Opus Design Co

If you live in Sydney chances are you have shopped at the ever popular and unique Opus Store.

Opus has a rich history and a story that has carried them thru almost 50 years of inspiring gift giving and interiors style. Known as the “Gift Gurus”, Opus has a large selection of unique gifts, homewares and novelties suited to almost every taste. AND they have a superstore filled with beautiful artwork, furniture and home interior pieces. What more can you want?

Since the team here at Urbaani love something a little different (think our Danish handpainted eggcups and Sketch.inc Kokeshi Dolls), we thought we would catch up with Opus and ask them a few Questions on what’s it is like being a Guru!

So Chris,
1. Your family stores bring such happiness to people who have been shopping with you over the years. What do you think is the secret to keeping such a loyal customer base and loving what you do?

We strive to meet all our customers needs here at OPUS, whatever they might be. We sniff candles, wrap umbrellas and even
run gifts out to cars. Sydney customers know that they can rely on us to provide a personal, above and beyond experience that will make their day-to-day lives a little less stressful.

2. Known for your unique gifts and quirky style at times, in a world full of “stuff” is it easy to constantly find new things to excite your customers?

It’s important that we listen to our customers, we ask them what they need and want to see in the store and we make it happen. This sees different product being represented across each of our 4 stores; Where our Newtown customers prefer local brands, Paddington shoppers prioritise luxury. This keeps us relevant, on trend and off-beat!

3. What are your tips for buying a gift or homewares piece for a loved one or friend that “has everything”?

Shopping for a friend or loved one is a very personal experience. When I’m buying for the store I try to
stay in tune with the way a product or brand makes me feel; if it speaks to you, you’ve made the right

4. Are there any people that you admire and take inspiration from?

We’re attracted to anyone delivering personal service and thoughtful product, paying particular attention to the way other great cities like New
York and London are doing this.

5. Since you are such a local hands on business and a constant force in the community; how has social media
(instagram, facebook, etc) changed the way you run your business?

A lot of what we do and sell is visual for our customers. Social media has given our customers to experience and shop OPUS without even
stepping into the store. This is vital for a business and the feedback we’ve received from our online community has been so supportive and positive!

If you have been following Opus Design Co. you will know that they are ever expanding and looking for
new ways to find design and style that is affordable and accessible. In that spirit, one last question,

6. What does the future look like for Opus Design Co? Is there something exciting coming in-store soon?

Always! We’re expanding our business everyday. You’ll certainly be seeing a lot more of OPUS in 2017, our
new shop space has given us the confidence to grow even bigger and create more success for the OPUS
brand. Stay tuned…

Feast on these gorgeous images from Instore xx www.opusdesign.com.au

Home decor design store Home decor design store Opus Design Co Home Decor Design Store Opus Design Co opus design co image by opus design co sketch inc for lucie kaas kokeshi dolls for urbaani homewares