Celebrating 50 years of the timeless ‘Lotus’ pattern 1965-2015

2015 marked the 50th anniversary for the iconic ‘Lotus’ pattern designed by Norwegian Arne Clausen (1923 – 1977).

Clausen worked as a decorator for the Norwegian factory Cathrineholm and conceived the pattern during his spare time while decorating a water kettle. Later, he suggested the pattern when tasked to come up with home décor options on a new set of bowls. Sales took off exponentially when the original ‘Lotus’ hit stores in 1965 and remained as Cathrineholm’s greatest selling product until the company closed its doors in 1970.

In collaboration with Arne Clausen’s family, Lucie Kaas reintroduced the iconic pattern in 2012 for the contemporary consumer.

In celebration of the ‘Lotus’s 50th anniversary, the Arne Clausen collection was expanded with a series of porcelain tableware and dinnerware bearing the timeless pattern.

The collection combines a modern form with the iconic pattern, blending two worlds in the best way possible. The series consist of a bowl and plates in two different sizes and comes in mint green, grey and dark blue.

Available Wholesale in Australia and New Zealand.